Correction, Retraction, and Withdrawal

General Principle JNMS believes in protecting and maintaining the integrity of scholarly records. Articles officially published in this journal are considered "recorded versions". In rare cases, if the scientific information in an article is significantly compromised, JKS may, at the discretion of the editor, publish corrections or withdrawals of the article published in the journal. 

Article Corrections Authors are encouraged to report errors in articles regarding the accuracy of published information. Only defects that have a significant impact on the item are considered. Modifications are at the discretion of the journal. The correction procedure depends on the publication stage of the article. Changes will be published under corrections and additions in later issues of the journal. 

Article Retractions Articles may be withdrawn due to scientific misconduct. B. In the case of multiple submissions, false author claims, plagiarism or misuse of data. A signed statement from the relevant author must be submitted before withdrawing the article. Approval of all authors of the work is required before publishing the withdrawal. A withdrawal notice will be published and linked to the original article marked withdrawal. This information also includes the reason for the withdrawal and who will withdraw the item. The original article will not be removed from the online or printed version of the journal, but will be marked as withdrawn. The revocation will also be displayed on the content page. 

Article Withdrawal Articles can be withdrawn by either the author or the editor. Withdrawal of an article by the author is permitted only for unavoidable and unavoidable reasons after a letter signed by all authors of the article has been sent to the editorial board stating the reason for the withdrawal of the article. The author only has to assume that the post has been canceled after receiving appropriate notification from the editor. If an article is found to violate JKS's ethical publishing guidelines B. Double posting, plagiarism, data misuse, multiple submissions, or false copyright claims. The publisher reserves all rights to withdraw this article.